Anonymous said: what happens if if i have incomplete plates?

Well, it depends on your prof but if you don’t try to make up for those plates then you’ll definitely fail on those plates :(

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With everything’s that happened as of late, I’ve been convinced to think that I should make a change for myself, as well as for this blog. I want to progress even further with this hobby and I think that Blogger is just the platform to help me do it. I haven’t posting in a while because I’ve been busy with a plethora of schoolwork as well as fixing up the new blog.

Now that all of the work for the new blog is finally done, it’s finally ready for my first post! I’m so so excited for its debut as it is such a big upgrade from my previous blog. New look, new everything! I hope you all can visit and keep up with my silly adventures at my new blog! The URL is still the same only Blogger hosts it now.

Come visit me, won’t you? :)

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